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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday Smile

Sometimes I want to bonk my husband on his head. He went and checked out a portable air conditioner for the new room but didn't buy it. I guess I should be glad he isn't one to just go out and spend money but when we went back today to buy it it was gone.

He had to drive to another town 40 minutes away and get one. I guess it is better that I was with him since I signed us up for a Home Depot credit card and saved 10% on the air conditioner. That was a savings of $60.00! I'm paying for the air conditioner with my PayPerPost money! I love that I can do that. I'm the one who can't wait for the air conditioner money to be saved up for but not bought til after June 15 til the taxes are paid. Whooo was that a run on sentence or what? LOL

Our poor doggies weren't let out in time and one of them peed on the rug in the bathroom. I forgive them since they had no other option. Then one of them peed on my bed! The doggie door was open and they could've gone outside. Not forgivable. I don't know which one did it though. So I am washing all the sheets and blankets. I usually can hang them outside but we are having big thunderstorms here today.