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Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Indian Place Website

As a person with a little Indian blood, I am excited to have found a website that celebrates all things Indian. This website should be introduced to school systems as a tool for learning about the Indian culture. is a compilation of many services. There is a tab for blogs that you might like to read to meet people and see how they feel about things. You might want to enter your blog and become one of 131 blogs listed thus far.

The events calendar will help everyone get together to work on important issues and come together as a community. This website is going to be a great force to work on issues to help everyone. The classified section allows members to list things for sale as well as post job listings and housing availability. It also lists services available such as childcare.

The entertainment and arts group listed on the Group tab took me to some hilarious videos. There is some good and clean entertainment to be enjoyed here. is a great social networking site and is going to be a great source for information and entertainment. Spread the word about this great informative and easy to use site.