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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


We have tried and tried to grow vegetable but we don't have any luck. Our ground is hard and full of clay. I suppose we need to mix some dirt in with it but we were hoping to be able to stick some plants in, water them and eat from their harvest. It didn't work out that way so we rely on friends and neighbors for donations. Once in a while we get a nice zucchini. I love to fry slices of zucchini with tomatoes. You can make a batter and fry them but I just put a little butter in a pan and fry them in that.


Louiss said...

I don't think your ground is hard to grow a begetable since you have donated these vegetable from your neighbor. If its hard to grow, I think the vegetable who given by your neighbor will definitely die.
I think you have to put some related fertilizer to grow up

Kari said...

We grew those this year. I have never tried Zucchini before, but now I find I like them. We have actually got quite a bit. THe corn we tried to grow didnt work out to well