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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not the Smartest Apple in the Barrel

They say that one bad apple doesn't make the whole bunch bad but this Apple sure makes things stink. Wouldn't you be disgusted if you paid the regular, full price for the new iPhone to see that they reduced the price by $200.00? It caused their stock to drop by 5.1%. That doesn't make it's investors too happy. Chief Executive Steve Jobs said that this wasn't done because of lagging sales. Apple had said that they could meet a goal of shipping one million iPhones by the end of this month. He said they could have still met that quota even if they didn't cut the price. Excuse me? Someone is delusional here.

I'm happy for the people who were waiting to buy iPhones and the people who were waiting to buy iPhones for Christmas gifts. They just saved $200.00.