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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Keep Your Cell Phone

I would be so frustrated to have purchased a great cell phone only to have to purchase a different one when and if I go with a different service provider. Cell phones become a part of us. I get used to the feel of my phone. I can find what I need in the dark!

I found a service that can unlock the code that restricts me to my current provider. Hallelujah! When I am finished with my service contract, I can switch to a better one but keep my phone. I keep my phones until they die! I hate getting used to a new phone. When I search for my phone I want to be able to find it quickly. In the new purse I made, I put in a pocket that fits my cell phone. I do not want to change the size of my phone.

You can find Unlock To Talk at their easy to use website, Unlock To Talk, cell phone unlocking service can unblock the restriction set on my phone. When I bought my phone, that service provider put in a code specific to that company. After Unlock To Talk unlocks my cell phone, I can use it with a different service provider!
I won't have to remember how I programmed all of my ring tones to fit with specific callers. My phone book full of my friends numbers will still be there! They can also reset forgotten user codes and debrand most phones to remove service provider logos. Yay!
Cell phone unlocking is legal in most countries, including the US. As long as the IMEI or ESN numbers are not tampered with they may be unlocked.

You can find out all about Unlock To Talk at their website or call their toll free number, 1 800 891-0625.