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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Skin Care Product

I had so much fun getting together with the card club girls. We play Euchre. I should say that we talk and "attempt" to get a hand of Euchre in here and there. We had not met all summer and we had so much to say. One gal's son and daughter in-law are expecting a baby! Some in our group are becoming grandmothers!

Something that I noticed is how casual we have become. We have played cards before we had children. That means that we have been friends for over 30 years! We talk about new coffee pots and how to get spots out of our carpets. We also let each other know when we run across something new that has worked well in our own experience.

ORIKI Cosmeceuticals makes a wonderful skin care line. Some of us have fought with our skin for so long we have wanted to give up. There are so many skin types. You need to find a skin care product specific to your type of skin. Especially, if you have pigmented skin. Using the wrong product can cause redness, dark spots and many other problems. ORIKI Cosmeceuticals have developed products specifically for those with Asian, Mediterranean and other Olive (AMO) skin types. Those skin types are particularly sensitive to hydroquinone and products with that ingredient should be avoided. ORIKI makes a gentle product that many with pigmented skin have found to be great for them. Try it and then let your friends in on this wonderful skin care line.


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MakeupGirl said...

I have people email me all the time asking for makeup and skincare advice for olive/asian skin. I will have to let them know about these products...