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Monday, October 15, 2007

Wants It to Just Stop

Why is it that our bodies play tricks on us? My friend's daughter is a healthy college graduate. Her daughter has always been active physically. She participated in sports and was also active in theater. She was in many plays in our local theater group. She has a beautiful voice and is asked to sing at weddings.

Recently, this young lady has developed a tic. She cannot control the impulse to draw her head to her shoulder. It may not happen for days and then begins again. It is disconcerting and annoying to say the least. She has been to neurologists and psychiatrists in hopes of finding an answer to her malady. I feel so bad for her. Could this be caused by stress? Is something wrong physically?

I know of a lady who, when in her late thirties, experienced this problem. She was unable to find an answer. She dealt with it for about three years. Suddenly, it stopped happening. I hope my friend's daughter gets relief quickly.


Online Gaming said...

you might be spot on with the stress theory. When I was in college I remember being under huge amounts of stress for periods of time followed by no stress. It's a very weird dynamic, and the fact that I was drinking a lot probably didn't help ;). Maybe with some familiar surroundings when she comes back home will get rid of this.