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Monday, October 15, 2007

Won the Booby Prize

Tonight, friends of mine got together with me to play cards. We had not seen each other all summer and we barely got through a few hands when we decided to just forget our card game and talk.

It seems as though a couple of the girls are having a tough time dealing with aging parents. One friend's mother is settled into an assisted living home and although she is 97 years old, she gets along splendidly. The setting reminds me of what I read in the brochures for Worcester Nursing Home. This Massachusetts Nursing Home is known for its compassion and support.

My other friend is experiencing problems with the care of her mother. Unlike the atmosphere of skilled professionals who care about their patients as if they were family, her mother is treated like a number. They could take lessons from the Knollwood,
MA Nursing Home
and offer