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Friday, October 19, 2007

What Are We Going To Do?

Our country has been trying to find ways to bring the cost of fuel down. There are many arguments about drilling for oil. We have to find fuel produced in our own backyards. It would be nice if oil and gas investment and production could be realized in our own country. Unfortunately, the oil producers in the US have not come through for us. I am skeptic when I read their reasons for low amounts of oil production.

I was hoping that ethanol would be the solution. Living here in the midwest, we hear about ethanol plants popping up in nearby counties. Mom was telling me that she heard on the news that there is a surplus of corn being stocked for ethanol production. It seems as though not enough people are buying cars that use ethanol. I was surprised to find out that ethanol is more expensive than unleaded gasoline! What is the deal?

I suppose it would be nice to show our patriotism by buying an American made product. If enthanol isn't going to be less expensive at least we can feel good about not being dependent on foreign oil.


Anonymous said...

I hear you! I'm tired of all this talk about dependence on foreign oil. I have to believe that we have to learn from history and kick the OPEC nations in the butt like we did in the early 80's by building up the refinerys and telling them that we are going to quit using them. I have to believe that only then, when we have some concrete way to threaten them, will they lower their prices.

But then again, this is just my opinion posted on your opinion blog! Thanks for getting my "Save the World" juices flowing again.