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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do You uTANGO?

My sister uses a program that puts money into her daughter's college fun everytime she uses a certain charge card. The same theory works for singles (like my son and his almost fiance), engaged couples and newlyweds as they begin their lives together. The utango rewards program enables you to earn CASH rewards as you go about your lives buying the normal things you buy to begin a household. The program is free to join and when you sign up now, you receive $1000 tango bucks just for registering!

The catch? Members must eventually marry, stay loyal to uTANGO merchants and stay married in order to collect their Life-Stage Cash Rewards. uTANGO rewards program is about properly rewarding extraordinary success and through the uTANGO Life-Stage Rewards Program Members will find a place to shop, make wedding plans, seek expert advice on finances, health, parenting, relationships and earn rewards for life! It is so easy to earn TANGO bucks through utango rewards program by leveraging your everyday spending at two or more of the 300 popular online stores.

When you join and remain loyal to the merchants in this program you receive extraordinary help saving for your future and uTANGO allows Members to leverage their existing spending to be rewarded in an extraordinary way for their long-term loyalty and personal success! You are going to spend money to live so why not leverage it to earn money on the money you spend. Arggh! Maybe I'm not saying that right. Read all of the ways this works by going to their website.

uTANGO is the first of its kind: a "defined spending" and "defined reward" Life-Stage Rewards Program. uTANGO delivers singles, engaged couples (which is why our family is so excited about this program), and newlywed consumers the opportunity to leverage their everyday spending and long-term loyalty to earn significant Life-Stage Cash Rewards ranging up to $250,000 to $1 Million which can then be used for retirement or other life-stage expenses. Greg and Taryn will have so much more at their retirement than we ever imagined would be attainable. This concept is perfect for them as they begin to buy things for their home. They already have been buying from stores like Target and Starbucks. The stores listed are normal stores that they shop during their normal shopping. The 300 stores in the program where they earn TANGO bucks are not some wacky far fetched ones that no one uses.

Social Security will most likely be gone by the time these two retire. This program is a great idea for them, especially since they are so young and will be buying things anyway.

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