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Monday, May 14, 2007

Extra Cash Is More Fun

I love to shop. Just keep me out of a furniture store. That is a dangerous place for me. I love furniture. I wish it was possible to change the whole theme of my house. I am not that way with clothes. I have to be pushed into new styles. Just about the time they are going out of style is when I decide I like them. I am cheap when it comes to buying books. I would rather go to the library. That is just about the only thing I wish I didn't have tons of money for.

Years ago it was easy to find good investments and have a little bit of fun money. These days it is not as easy to find high yield savings accounts. I was pleasantly surprised to find a list for some of the highest yielding accounts available. is a personal finance related site that reports on high yield bank and credit union accounts. Check out their site and start earning more on your money.

With a bit of extra dough ray me, I can have a bit more F U N!

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