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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Introducing Seduce a Celeb!

Andrew gives you the lowdown

I love seeing people get together and have a fun time. You never know when romance might rear its head! For 14 weeks is running a contest called Seduce a Celeb, that allows you to win a date with celebrity. It is time for all single guys to get their act together and submit a video showing their best assets.

This is an online first! It's a good thing because many people that I know are like me! They are so engrossed in their computers that if it isn't happening online, they wouldn't even know about it! The great thing about this contest is that the unique, participative nature of the program allows ANYONE to be part of the program. Free videos at are also part of the fun. Check them out.

This first contest features Actress, Mirelly Taylor. She has starred in movies such as Kiss Me Again and Serving Sara and television shows including “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”. She is very beautiful and as you can see in the video, she has a great sense of humor.

Get creative with your video submission. Make it a comedy. Make it a drama showing why you should be the one selected. Show your stuff! Show your talents! Are you amazing at something? Showcase yourself.