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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

1408 Movie Will Get Ya!

If Stephen King weren't so successful with his talent, people would worry that he would be the next Jeffrey Dahmer. Luckily, his talent shines. Get it shines? LOL Sorry, but when I think of Stephen King I think of my favorite movie written by him, The Shining. Stephen King's mind works like no one elses. That is why you can't possibly believe you ever know what will happen next.

His newest movie, 1408 Movie, is no exception. I just watched the trailer and I am already wondering how John Cusak's character cannot know that the police are in the room with him if he is in that room. Waaahhhh. I have to see this movie!

Let me fill you in. John Cusak's character decides that he doesn't believe in the supernatural. When he is confronted about this he defends his belief. Many are upset with him because they counted on him being the one who believed and could face the doubters for them. Now he changed his position. He gets put into a position that he doesn't see as a problem because since he doesnt believe in the supernatural, he can't get hurt doing what they ask of him. He doesn't have any qualms about staying in the infamous room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel. At least he doesn't have any until things begin to happen. 1408 Movie is gonna get the hair up on the back of your neck! Just like my neck felt prickly when watching The Shining.Here's Johnny!

red rum,red rum, red rum Oops, didn't meant to bother you! Muwahhahaha!