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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sleepy Time

My dogs make me so sleepy! It is their fault. They find a spot on the rug where the sun is shining down and get all cozy and warm and off they go to la la land. They snore! How am I supposed to stay awake with all that zzzing going on?


Chris Merriman said...

Its the same with our kittens, but they're even more pro-active in their sleep inducment - they come and sit on your lap when you're typing away, and then start complaining if you move too much... Very warm and cuddly, not so good for getting on with work though!

Karen said...

That is so cute. I know what you mean about if you move they complain. The dogs were constantly sitting in my lap and I couldn't figure out why my back hurt all the time. I discovered I was sitting a certain was so I wouldn't disturb them and was making my back hurt! They lay on the floor most of the time now. LOL