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Monday, June 4, 2007

A New Information Source

As a blogger, I am always trying to find accurate and interesting news to keep my readers updated and in the know. I have discovered a great website that is helping me put relevant, timely news on my site. This site is so inclusive in the subjects covered. They keep up with the latest sports topics including hockey, soccer, baseball, cricket, football and of course, being a Hoosier in Indiana, I love getting the latest basketball news from The News Room.

The news garnered includes US, local and world coverage. I have found that by looking at this one site, I can get all the information I need to keep up with our ever changing world. The News Room includes videos that highlight the subjects they cover. They have encouraged me and other bloggers to embed these videos on our websites and share them with our readers. The many video and content choices afforded to me outstretch what I could possibly blog about! I would never finish typing if I tried to cover everything they offer.

For an example of the video and how up to date TheNewsRoom is watch this video that covers the democratic debate televised last night. It begins with Hillary Clinton:

TheNewsRoom offers bloggers the chance to be paid for distribution of top news and advertising! When you mash theNewsRoom content, they will couple it with a corresponding advertisement. Each time stories or feeds are viewed on my/your site, I/you will earn advertising revenue (see their rate card). It's that simple!

TheNewsRoom provides access to hundreds of thousands of fully licensed news stories that can be published, or 'mashed', on your site. Mashing is what they refer to as embedding content that is interesting to me, on my site. This content is from major content providers such as Associated Press (AP), Reuters, and Agence France-Press (AFP). In addition to the news subjects they cover, they also offer articles on health, politics and science. Their coverage of the entertainment arena would fill a blog on it's own.

I am excited about this new source of information and I hope you enjoy reading and watching the videos about subjects that I find interesting.

Oh! I almost forgot. You are welcome to put these videos onto your site. I get paid when people view them from your site too! It would be to your benefit to sign up
at The News Room yourself. It is very easy to do.